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    Wine company Blick Mulbery wine launches in Uganda

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    On 20th March, 2023, Blick Mulberry launched in Uganda. The Wines are made of fresh farm-grown mulberries that later turn into a very sweet and satisfying taste of Blick Mulberry wine. The farm where the main product of the wine is produced is Mpatta Agro Tourism Limited located in Mukono Mpatta kinsinsi. The ingredients added to the wine to make it the best option for everyone are all grown at the farm. This means that the wine is naturally made with no artificial additives.

    Mulberry is the first of its kind in the Ugandan Market despite the other players who are venturing into more than just grape wine. At the helm of trust, The Blick Mulberry Wine tagline is The “SPORTSMAN BRAND”. Mulberry Wine has a range of health benefits that make it ideal for consumption at home and anywhere else. Among these include Minerals, Vitamins, and Antioxidants. All these are what our bodies need to function at full capacity and live health. Mulberry wine has nutrients that help relieve the body from both physical and psychological stresses that affect the day-to-day activities and diligently working men. What better way to ease down the evening than with a glass or two of Mulberry wine?

    In addition, the Wine aids in detoxification, lowers cholesterol, improves blood sugar and reduces the risk of cancer. The product that bonds families, friends, and functions but one that will also cater to a healthy life even after consuming it.

    Apart from the health benefits solution, Blick Mulberry Wine has also created tremendous employment opportunities that have seen a number of young women and men get employed at the farm, and factory as well as the main outlets in Kampala. The Brand currently has two main Branches, one in Mukono Mall and the second at the Blick House, Rubaga Road this is the main depot. This will help boost the economy in terms of revenue while reducing the rate of unemployment one step at a time.

    Today, we take this opportunity to officially unveil the Blick Mulberry Wines to the public and the country at large as well as officially let the people know where they can easily get a bottle of our auspicious product in Kampala. We pledge to consistently keep the standard of the Blick Mulberry wines to whoever will consume it and ensure that the health benefits are kept to standard as well as ensure the health benefits of our wine are clearly stated to the public.

    About Blick Mulberry Wine:

    Blick Mulberry Wine founded in 2019 in Mukono Mpatta Kisinsi by Arthur Blick Junior is a Ugandan Based company offering naturally made wine from freshly Farm grown Mulberries. For a long period, the wine has been tested and shared among friends and family as well as a variety of people whose feedback has been very helpful in making this day come true. Now that the baby steps have been achieved, the Brand decided to launch the wines and the main depot in a bid to officially penetrate the market.

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