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    Researchers trash Singer Carol Nantongo on dating for money

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    75% of young girls prefer older men because of money – Singer Carol Nantongo

    Singer, Carol Nantongo, has offered her insights into relations between young girls and older men.
    The Oliwa hitmaker was days ago appearing on the Zzina Night Breeze to discuss the age differences between men and women and the dynamics that such relations come with.
    According to Nantongo, 75% of the young girls fall for money. Older men have this money, Nantongo said.
    But Nantongo says that money does not work in exchange for her love.
    “I don’t date a person i don’t like. Whether he has (Money) or not,” the ex-Golden Band singer said.
    “I don’t want someone to love because he has what to give me.”
    However, she clarified that “situations force us to love because of what we admire.”
    She attributed such relationships to the love for “shortcuts.”
    “Older men (with money) don’t respect. They look at you as someone who doesn’t have one. It’s hard to find an older person who understands,” Nantongo says.
    nantongo adds that it is more likely that even when the older wealthy man is in love with you, he has so many other sides kicks around.
    Researchers, however, say that it is not about money.
    Biologically, researchers say, it makes sense why a younger woman would feel more comfortable with an older man.

    75% of young girls prefer older men because of money – Singer Carol Nantongo

    Neuropsychiatrist Dr. LouAnn Brizendine, author of The Female Brain, says that the brain development in girls happens much faster than for boys—sometimes by as much as two years—and guys don’t really catch up until at least their early 20s.

    According to Gary Lewandowski, Ph.D, Chair of the Department of Psychology at Monmouth University and co-creator of the website Science of Relationships, men and women have very different “mate values” that make them attractive to potential suitors.

    “For men, it comes from money, status, and power,” he says. “And for women it comes from youth and physical appearance.”

    “A key indicator of attractiveness is similarity,” says Sean Horan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication at Texas State University. “We might not understand it from the outsider perspective, but something exists between them that draws them together.”

    75% of young girls prefer older men because of money – Singer Carol Nantongo


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