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    D*ck-watering ‘Tweeting babes’ to meet before you die

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    D*ck-watering ‘Tweeting babes’ to meet before you die

    If you want to eat your followers like some men of God do, you will need to join Twitter (if you haven’t). The App has all sorts of babes – dark, tall, short, beefless or beefy. It is just a matter of following them and if you are lucky, they follow you back and boom, you are able to shoot your shots.
    In this piece, we profile the Twitterers you need to meet before you die!

    D*ck-watering ‘Tweeting babes’ to meet before you die

    Caroline Atuhaire: Highly followed on Twitter. At some point, she was a brand ambassador for a beverage company. In summary, Atuhaire is a beverage worth splashing dime on.
    Christine Nampeera: If you are a lover of beef, Nampeera is worth trying your luck on. Even Pastor Bugingo would! A social media influencer she is and a lover of booze, give her all your money before you die.
    Hellen Naginda: Smooth-skinned, visibly soft-bodied and possibly a good kisser.
    Rita Arinaitwe: Arinaitwe boasts of firm boobs, well-shaped body, spaced teeth in a dark gum, and Subaru driver.
    Methia Nabawanda: A jack of all trades she is. Even Bruno K wouldn’t abandon her.
    Zawedde Omwiisiki. There was a time she cried out over men who move around spreading UTI. Oba how did she know?
    Cynthia Ashaba: A Makerere University student of Journalism and Communication. You all need to meet Ashaba in real life. Heads turn each time she crosses where the other gender is. Of course, she has added advantages..including coming from the west where water isn’t scarce!
    Icy Sonie: What isn’t there to see? A sight at Sonie, all you imagine is reaping her off whatever she is wearing including the one we saw near Juliana in bed..
    I’m told there is something about babes who drink beer. Mbu (mbu) they can shushu…Anyways, Misheline Mutuzo is the right person to mother your children. Besides, you can carry her, and walk with her on your back to every corner of the house.

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