Senior extortionist Stanley Ndawula’s yaya Xtra Residence that started as a food eating place after buying the building as his residence has slowly turned itself into a drug, prostitution and alcohol hub.
The place that is located in Kisaasi is under spotlight from many parents of underage children who renown drug dealer Ndawula lures into the residence as a trap for many of his clients. The parents are said to have petitioned authorities in the area that unless Ndawula scales down on his drug and prostitution business, they will take matters into their hands as they can’t afford seeing their underage children waste their future because of Ndawula’s insatiable greed for money.

Yaya Xtra residence has been defiant to the authority during the this #Covid-19 lockdowns and curfew as the son of a Reverend of Church of Uganda is busy looking for money without due considerations for the health implications of his clients.

The place has further degenerated a prostitution of sorts for women who hang around the place as there is free consumptions of drugs that is given by Ndawula. However, what is worrying is that most of these ladies are married women. The same drugs are parked in flasks in the corner and distributed to gentlemen who interestingly including reasonable members of society.

Some of the notorious clients of the drug dealer are senior police who include Fred Enanga officers, Vance Musisi, Salvador, and a junior Minister in the tourism docket BUT WHAT WE DON’T IS WHETHER THESE PROMINENT INDIVIDUALS ARE ALSO ADDICTED TO PROSTITUTION, DRUGS AND ALCOHOL?

Extortionist Ndawula is so addicted to the above three in that he used same trick to lure innocent young girls into up-country trips where they allegedly consumed drugs and at the end were allegedly used as sex toys by the men who had paid THE DRUG DEALER. And it is from that same group of girls that they contracted #Covid-19 that led their death.
Ndawula is now using his social contacts to recruit young and unsuspecting girls into the sex trade.

Extortionist Stanley Ndawula who is now a renown drug dealer is a man of seasons who doesn’t need introduction as his job is to extort or hire as a gun for denting images of prominent citizens as means of survival and no wonder he is hired by Friday Roberts Kagoro.
Ndawula was Kagoro’s best man and this could explain why both have remained friends but above all, Kagoro uses Ndawula to extort and Ndawula uses Kagoro for legal cover whenever he is netted in extortion.

Businessman Wilberforce Wamala death and entry of Extortionist turned drug dealer Ndawula
Area 2012, Stanley Ndawula picked particular interest in a 2012 murder of businessman Wilberforce Wamala. To many, they knew this was a well-intentioned investigation by credible reporter but what the public didn’t know is that Ndawula had picked interest in the murder due to magnitude of money and properties the late had.

According to sources, extortionist Ndawula picked leads from his police connections and this is the time when Ndawula was still in good books with the police establishment especially Late AIGP Kaweesi, AIGP Grace Akullo and the then Police publicist and now Minister of Lands Judith Nabakooba. Insiders reveal that actually Extortionist Ndawula who used to drive then a sliver benze UAH series was being given fuel by Nabakooba and every Friday he would draw full tank at Shall Kampala Road near Mabirizi complex.

Ndawula got information that Wamala had been killed in unknown circumstances and his would-be witness was as well killed in a police cell in Bukasa. Ndawula’s informers told him that the second wife was being implicated in his death and that AIGP Kaweesi was in cahoots with the second wife to coverup and takeover property. It is from here that Extortionist Ndawula hooked up with the divorced wife of Wamala in London with a promise that he would help her access the president so that she could tell the first citizen her side of the story implicating police and more so the late AIGP Kaweesi.

Meanwhile as drug dealer Ndawula was busy luring her, his interests were making a kill out of the unsuspecting woman. She first came here and Ndawula hadn’t made any arrangement with State House, she stayed around as Ndawula lied to her that he can’t do much as Kaweesi wanted to kill him but in fact he was hiding away from the poor woman who he had conned $25,000 as advance to arrange the supposedly meeting.

She kept around for two weeks without any success, she returned to UK meanwhile Ndawula was busy writing articles that implicated late AIGP Kaweesi and it is from here that Kaweesi informed senior police officers to desist from dealing with Ndawula who was using his closeness with police to extort members of the public.
Ndawula kept on lying the poor woman through online his corrupt while he claimed his life could be in danger because he authored stories accusing Kaweesi of frustrating investigation into Wamala’s murder.
Before he founded The Investigator, Ndawula worked at Red Pepper where he covered the police and crime beat. As such, he developed extensive sources within the force and Kaweesi.
However, the two developed differences following his coverage of the murder of businessman Wilberforce Wamala, at his home in Mutungo in 2012 under mysterious circumstances.
In interviews with one of the businessman’s widows, Eliza Wamala, she claimed that Kaweesi had tried to interfere with investigations into her husband’s murder.

Benefiting from pension scam culprits
The best chance for Ndauwula to extort money was when Jimmy Lwamafa, the former PS in the Ministry of Public Service and his juniors were arrested and later convicted for stealing billions of shillings meant for pensioners. NdaWula is said to have convinced the Christopher Obey, the former Principal Accountant in the Ministry of Public Service that he was well connected with police investigators and that all they needed was to release about a billion shillings to help kill investigations into the matter. Close friends say Ndawula was given the money and disappeared into thin air as his victims were convicted to serve sentences at Luzira Prisons.
Ndawula didn’t give some of the money to the filthy policemen as he had promised. That meant that policemen involved in this deal but did not get a portion of the dirty money, had to look for him.

Ndawula acquires home from dirty money

Close friends say Ndawula used some of the money to buy a home in Kisaasi along Kulambiro Road. He used part of the house to establish a bar and restaurant, hosting big police bosses who have been violating Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) since start of lockdown.
Enter sale of Simbamanyo properties
It is now on record that Kampala businessman Sudhir Ruparelia owns Simbamanyo building in Kampala, having legally bought it after an auction by Equity Bank. Here Ndawula thought he would intimidate Dr. Sudhir by writing negatively about the purchase of the building.
Sudhir bought the building through open bidding by Equity bank.
Ndawula, without facts, ran a story that Sudhir, who owns many buildings in Kampala and other cities, bought Simbamanyo seven days before the auction.
Sources say Counsel Friday Kagoro, a longtime friend of Ndawula and working for Muwema & Co. Advocates, is the one that gives the latter malicious information that Sudhir unfairly acquired Simbamanyo building.

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