Authorities and families of young people around Kisaasi, Bukoto, Najjera, Kyanja and the greater part of Eastern and Northern Kampala are up in arms demanding that police takes measures to curtail Yaya Xtra residence that is owned by extortionist Stanely Ndawula.

Ndawula whose claim to fame was through extorting money when he was employed by the Red Pepper uses his home which dubs as a restaurant to supply alcohol and drugs to mainly underage children and adults who folk the area during both night and day.

The issue of drugs was brought up recently by some of the parents of the underage children after a tip off from the neighbour garage operators who he fail out with when they denied him parking and he thought he would use his connection within Uganda Police to intimidate them.

Yaya has disregarded all the Ministry of Health guidelines plus Curfew restriction to operate and sell alcohol and drugs. He boosts of how he is connected with Uganda Police establishment especially the publicist Fred Enanaga and others like CID Director Grace Akullo. However, nothing much is knowing much on those allegations of trying to drag in law enforcers but one thing that is known is that Ndawula is an extortionist who likes using big names to threaten the would-be victims that he is connected.

From extortion especially, the Pension Scandal where he extorted over 1 billion from the later former Principal Accountant in the Ministry of Public Service, the later Christopher Obey, Ndawula used the blood money to set up Yaya which formerly he had bought as his residence in Kisaasi. However, realizing that there were few scandals that could fetch him blood money, he resorted to setting up a restaurant first on Bukoto Street Kamwokya before failing to pay rent.

He relocated to his residence in the backyard of Kisaasi suburb and it is from this residence that the notorious extortionist is using as a bar to operate during curfew hours despite the ban on bars. It is the same bar that defied authorities that continues to sell drugs and other substances to the youth who flock the area.

Several police officers that have tried to enforce #Covid-19 guidelines including curfew have reportedly been transferred as Ndawula alleges that he uses his connection within the force to transfer those that are implementing #Covid-19 guidelines. He reportedly asked former DPC Kira Road Michael Kasigiri to the higher authorities alleging that the good DPC was taking bribes and this was all in the name of getting the good DPC transferred. MinofHealthUg @OkothOchola1 @policeUg there is need to apprehend and close this Yaya Xtra because in the second wave of #Covid-19 over 6 individuals that had been customers to this bar died of coronavirus.
Who is extortionist Stanley Ndawula:

Enanga protects Yaya Xtra and that is where he also drinks and eats from

Stanley Ndawula, a Ugandan media practitioner who spent a number of years working for the famous Red Pepper Publications before he moved away to run his own online publication-The Investigator News.
The motivation for the fearless Ndawula to start his own online publication was to make money. However, too much love for the money has made the man from Kooki an enemy of the rich and the vulnerable in Uganda. As we will read ahead, we will find that a good number of his Investigator articles are meant to sabotage and malign his targets, some of whom have given him money either to kill the stories or write positively about them.
Close friends especially those in the media and security circles know that Ndawula’s source of income is extortion journalism, fleecing and defrauding his victims. In this trade Ndawula has earned hundreds of millions of shillings unfairly.

Benefiting from pension scam culprits
The best chance for Ndauwula to extort money was when Jimmy Lwamafa, the former PS in the Ministry of Public Service and his juniors were arrested and later convicted for stealing billions of shillings meant for pensioners. NdaWula is said to have convinced the Christopher Obey, the former Principal Accountant in the Ministry of Public Service that he was well connected with police investigators and that all they needed was to release about a billion shillings to help kill investigations into the matter. Close friends say Ndawula was given the money and disappeared into thin air as his victims were convicted to serve sentences at Luzira Prisons.
Ndawula didn’t give some of the money to the filthy policemen as he had promised. That meant that policemen involved in this deal but did not get a portion of the dirty money, had to look for him.
Ndawula acquires home from dirty money

Close friends say Ndawula used some of the money to buy a home in Kisaasi along Kulambiro Road. He used part of the house to establish a bar and restaurant, hosting big police bosses who have been violating Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) since start of lockdown.
Enter sale of Simbamanyo properties

It is now on record that Kampala businessman Sudhir Ruparelia owns Simbamanyo building in Kampala, having legally bought it after an auction by Equity Bank. Here Ndawula thought he would intimidate Dr. Sudhir by writing negatively about the purchase of the building.

Sudhir bought the building through open bidding by Equity bank.
Ndawula, without facts, ran a story that Sudhir, who owns many buildings in Kampala and other cities, bought Simbamanyo seven days before the auction.

Sources say Counsel Friday Kagoro, a longtime friend of Ndawula and working for Muwema & Co. Advocates, is the one that gives the latter malicious information that Sudhir unfairly acquired Simbamanyo building.

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