On midnight Friday 27, July 2018, Internal Security Organisation (ISO) former head Kaka Bagyenda ordered the arrest of Stanly Ndawula the Chief Editor of Online news publication, The Investigator,. Ndawula was picked from Yaya Lounge, along Bukoto street in Kamwokya, near Kampala and taken to a safe house in Kyengera. This was after recorded Ndawula extorting city businessman Simpson Birungi of Movit Products Ltd boss $50,000 (Sh180m) to reportedly cover up a story following his arrest by ISO on allegations he was involved in the burning of Budo Junior School murder investigations

(ISO) had arrested the proprietor of Movit products, Birungi in June 2018, in connection with the murder of his former employee Stephen Asaba in 2010 and the torching of Buddo Junior School in 2008 after receiving information that police officers previously handling the case files were compromised,
ISO was forced to resurrect the case after receiving information that police officers previously investigating the case were compromised and paid millions of shillings to kill the case.

ISO had received information linking Birungi to the Buddo fire and that his fall out with the former head teacher of Buddo Junior School, William Kayongo, over a piece of land prompted him to burn up the school.
Kayongo according to the ISO information owned Berkeley College School that was neighboring Movit Factory in Zzana, a city suburb.
Birungi reportedly wanted to expand his business empire by buying off the school while Kayongo wanted to keep it. Other directors of the school were willing to sell their interests in the school but the majority shareholder who was Kayongo opposed the move.
Movit Products was setup in 1997 by Mr Birungi to produce cosmetic products and its initial factory was located in Zana -Bunamwaya off Entebbe Road. However, when the company grew, Birungi bought off his neighbors except Kayongo, who allegedly refused to sell the land on which the school sat to him.
According to ISO, the other two shareholders George William Ssemivule, and Edith Namusisi Nabugo had agreed to sale but Kayongo refused.
The Intelligence body under Kaka then believed that Kayongo then decided to dump waste at the school with the aim of infuriating the student and teachers but they refused to budge. Kayongo and his partners had meanwhile heavily borrowed money from Barclays bank to uplift the school so that they could get the target of 1,500 students they wanted.
ISO noted besides the shs1.2b they had borrowed from Barclays Bank, they got another loan of sh192, from Bank of Baroda and Shs60 million from Hauder Gaundong, a Chinese company.

Kayongo retired from Budo Junior school owing to pressure from parents and ISO believes that Birungi then hired three people; one Julius, one Byamukama and another Lumu to torch Buddo School Dormitories and then implicate Kayondo, who had just left the school a few months earlier.
Kayongo was jailed over negligence that led to the fire. In the process, he was unable to repay the bank loans and the banks attached his school Berkeley and his home.
Barclays is said to have auctioned the school, which was coincidentally bought by Birungi, who emerged as the highest bidder.
Armed with this information, ISO arrested Birungi and stayed with him in detention for close to two months but owing to the bad relationship between Bagyenda and then Police Boss Kale Kayihura, the no headway in the investigations.
By the time he was set free in Birungi had been in detention for 45 days after he was arrested on June 7th.
Birungi was set free, however Ndawula got wind of his release and launched a blackmail campaign against him.
“He had recording of Ndawula introducing himself and demanding for money to either clear his name or spill the beans,” a former operative privy to Ndawula’s arrest said.
On July 27, 2018 ISO director Bagyenda ordered for the arrest of Ndawula over extortion. ISO operatives waylaid him at the Yaya Lounge which was then located along Bukoto street.
“[That night] after escorting some of my clients, and had returned to lounge, I was approached by a man who was seated at the counter for several hours drinking Black Label whiskey. He engaged me in a conversation for few seconds and then within a blink of an eye, three men attacked me, slapped me, pointed pistols at me and told me I was under arrest,” Ndawula would subsequently say about his arrest.
He noted that the men didn’t allow him to ask them anything or for a warrant of arrest. “They dragged me inside their vehicle and told me to cooperate with them. Some were dressed in army uniform while others in plain clothes. They were driving a vehicle with government number plates,” Ndawula said.
As the car sped off, he didn’t know where they were heading. Luckily, he wasn’t blindfolded; so, when they reached Kubbiri roundabout off Mulago hospital, he heard then proposing to take him to “Base 2”.
“When I heard them saying Base 2, I confirmed that I was kidnapped by ISO, since it uses those words to mean safe houses in Kyengera where they have Base 1 and 2. Base 1 is headed by one Capt Juuko while Base 2 is headed by Jack Erasmas Nsangirabo who is also the commandant for these safe houses,” Ndawula revealed to the media.
He says, when they reached Base 2, about six soldiers surrounded and placed him at gunpoint. They asked him to surrender all his belongings, including phones and also demanded for his next of kin telephone contact.
“They forced me to submit my family contacts and I gave them my eldest brother’s number since they told me he will be responsible to pick my body. They took me to another room which had a bed and blanket,” he says.
The following day on July 28, he says, he was approached by one Kamugisha who interrogated him about his relationship with Movit Products Ltd boss Simpson Birungi.

“They asked where I stopped with the Budo Junior School murder investigations. I told them my investigations hit a snag because I found that Birungi had information which was not adding up. They also asked me about Birungi’s manager Stephen Asaba [who was murdered in 2010]. I told them, even if I know something on Birungi, I can’t reveal it because of how I was arrested. If they wanted me to be their witness in court, they would have summoned me but not kidnap and threaten me,” Ndawula said.

On Sunday July 29, Ndawula was taken before ISO director general, Bagyenda but later released. But that arrest saved businessman Birungi from paying millions of shillings to the extortionist Ndawula.

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